Maestra Music seeks to reach the hearts and inspire the youth of today by creating music in an easily accessible form through bridging the Romantic and Classical time periods with contemporary music of the type that they are regularly exposed to through movies, television and the internet. It is our hope to spark the desire to learn, study and create by exploring and sharing music that inspires students to reflect, find and express the voice of their soul. When we are focused on creative expression, we focus on our truest self and as a result put our best foot forward in all our endeavors.


Maestra Music piano etudes were composed with students in mind, in keys and patterns that are easy and fun to play, yet invoke the evocative spirit and soul of Romantic/Classical music, in a form that is accessible to all. Just as the soundtrack sets the tone of the scene in a movie, the compositions of Maestra Music intend to set the stage for the creative mind to flourish. It is our desire to put a Spotlight on the students of today, for they are the teachers, professionals and artists of Tomorrow.